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Luxury Lifestyle Services Brand.

What's BACIO ?

BACIO is an e-commerce platform of tailor-made LUXURY LIFESTYLE services; offers consultancy services:

  • Luxury Travel & Events; creating events and trips elaborated from creative concepts that draw on an innovative vision.

  • Lifestyle Shoppers; you will have the opportunity to receive our personalized BOXES on request with highly selected items (Design & Home Decoration, Fashion, Art) from our BACIO experts to gratify yourself or the people you love on different occasions in your life.

  • Image Consultant; You can take advantage of our experience to redefine your style, take care of your appearance to show the world the best version of yourself.

BACIO aims to be a reference for users looking for a specific lifestyle concept where human beings conceive and shape their dreams; he draws on the beauty of everything that surrounds him and increases his sense of awareness and gratitude through services specially selected for his well-being.


Special Luxury Services

Turn your dream into a reality. Our consultancy services encompass a world of possibilities:

Luxury Travel & Events, Lifestyle Shoppers, Image Consultant, Luxury Lifestyle Consultant.

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luxury gifting

Art of Gifting

BACIO at your request and defining a specific need such as "Giving an object to a loved one" or "Giving yourself a gift" designed and personalized; start developing a selection of products, personalizing items, designing the packaging on your own... create the perfect gift to give life to the uniqueness of your experience.


BACIO wishes to contribute to the needs of the less well-off.
We select a few charitable projects and donate money to these causes in order to help.

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“Travel is never a matter of money, but of courage.” Paulo Coelho
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