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Art Of Gifting

BACIO at your request and defining a specific need such as "Giving an object to a loved one" or "Giving yourself a gift" designed and personalized; starts developing a selection of products, personalizing items, designing the packaging ... creating the perfect gift to give life to the uniqueness of your experience.

We have 2 types of gift BOXES to choose from:

1. SECRET COFFRET for yourself
Every occasion is good to thank yourself.
In this case the contents of the Box remain a mystery, a secret even for you.
The Bacio Experts They will choose the type of gift suitable for you themselves after identifying your needs through the initial consultancy.

2. GRATITUDE COFFRET for whoever you want to thank.
to be grateful to someone.

In this option, the contents of the Box are chosen and identified together with you after a careful analysis of the needs of the loved one.

The chosen box value includes the costs :

  • The chosen gift

  • Packaging


*Excluding costs:

  • Bacio Fee on the agreed amount.

  • Duties

  • Taxes

  • Shipping

Consegna Regalo_edited.jpg


We have decided to select the best products on your behalf and in this way take away the task of carrying out sometimes exhausting searches to find the perfect item for you or your loved ones.

Entrust your wishes to the BACIO experts and we will make them come true.


We will get to know each other and we will be able to define your needs


We will carry out a meticulous search for the article that best represents you


We deliver your gift directly to your home with a sophisticated and efficient shipping and packaging service.

Book an Appointment

BACIO awaits you, make an appointment and start having fun with your life.

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